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Get to know your photographer

So excited to meet you! Here is a little about me.

Hey! I'm Angelia (1).png

You can call me Ang or Angie - my friends do, and we're basically friends now! You'll often find me nestled in a cozy coffee shop or at my favorite spots, meticulously editing and getting work done. I LOVE lattes with all my heart–specifically an iced vanilla latte; they're my absolute must-have for any productive day!

Whether it's bright and golden or earthy, dreamy, and creamy, my goal is to create images that radiate warmth and sincerity.


For four years, I focused my skills in graduation photography at UF and UCF. In July 2021, I relocated to Orlando with my partner, Chris, and our rescue Staffy, Layla, to pursue a full-time career as a photographer. Since then, I've expanded my focus to encompass weddings, couples, and families, all while discovering a profound passion for documenting love stories. I am thrilled to announce that my availability for 2024-2026 weddings are open.

I'm so excited for this next step in my journey to pursue what I love– and that's capturing your precious moments.



With more than a decade of experience in Adobe editing software and graphic design, I've refined my skills to a professional standard. During my college years, my passion for multimedia blossomed when I assumed the role of multimedia chair for a student-led organization. This position tasked me with producing videos and photographing various events throughout the academic year.

Additionally, as the Vice President of Public Relations for UF's Asian American Journalists Association, I managed photography and graphic design initiatives for our advertisements, events, and social media platforms. These experiences have not only refined my technical abilities but also deepened my understanding of effective visual communication strategies.


In 2017, I studied at the University of Florida as a Journalism and Telecommunications major, focusing on journalistic writing and multimedia production. I pursued this degree for approximately three years before embarking on my photography business journey. The challenges of being a college student amidst the COVID-19 pandemic which played a pivotal role in shaping my career path during those turbulent times. While I opted not to complete my degree, I've discovered my passion and I am immensely grateful for my experiences at UF. Go Gators!

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